25 Dec 2010

Light: Project - Photographic lighting pt.4

Exercise: Concentrating light
2 photographs

This exercise doesn't actually call for the reader to produce any results for concentrating light, but I have done so anyway because I thought it was quite interesting. Dont get me wrong, not much thought has been put into them but I wanted to quickly experiment at the end of an evening.

I attached a piece of rolled-up foam sheet to the end of my speedlight using self-adhesive velcro and proceeded to take a few photos around the flat. The first photo, below, shows the light being very heavily focused on the TV in the lounge. As you can see, it is very interesting just how focused the light has become with a long snoot.

Next, I went outside to see what would happen with some other artificial light in the scene. Here, the speedlight with the snoot fitted was angled to point at the car in the background and highlight it along with the street lights to the right of the frame. This shows that a scene can be composed and specific details can be brought into view using concentrated light. Granted, these two photographs aren't the most creative or refined, but they have given me another option to consider when planning for Assignment 4...

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