9 Jan 2011

Light: Project - Availiable light, pt 2

Exercise: Outdoors at night
12 photographs

Click here to view flickr set.

I love photography at night!! I decided to do this exercise whilst I was out and about in London. There are examples of floodlit buildings with the London Aquarium and surrounding buildings at the London Eye, brightly lit store fronts in China Town, crowded interiors at Liverpool Street Station and the Underground and light trails at the Houses of Parliment. Another example of lightrails I have produced was for my diagonal lines submission for Assignment 2.

The exercise doesnt actually call for any examples of artificial light during the twilight to be produced however it does talk about in in the project text. I have included two examples in the album; one of the Commons and one in New York I took last year as the sun was coming up (after partying in Times Square - YEAH!). As the text states, these photos do not loose the shape or outline of the buildings that can be lost in pitch black conditions.

Most of the photos in this set have been taken hand held using ISO 1600: the high setting seems to be ok for noise levels at night. None of them have had any processing done to them. Also, for some reason, I became pretty obcessed with taken candid shots of people silhouetted against bright lights; I think it takes away the lonliness of some of the photos without making the individual(s) the subject of the frame. Good times!

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