27 Apr 2010

The Frame: Project - Looking through the viewfinder, pt1

Exercise: Fitting the frame to the subject
4 photographs

Click here to view album

This exercise required me to photograph an object in four different ways; first was capturing the subject without much consideration for the composition; second tightly framed with edges taking up the whole photograph; third close in with no edges; and lastly from a distance to emphasise the setting. I chose a rather large crane that was parked up as something nice and heavy to contrast against the open setting.

Next, I took a copy of the images and did some digital cropping to come up with some whole new photos. It really emphasised to me that new and interesting pictures can be produced post shoot. I particularly like the panoramic view of the whole scene (the 5th image in the album) as it draws out the vibrant colours and weights the photograph in opposing corners. Click here to see all the images in a photobucket album.

Cropped to a panaramic view

Ok, I'll admit that these photos are a little boring. The crane is not the most exciting subject I could have picked but I'm a little limited on options right now. I would love to re-shoot this exercise using my Mum's Karman Ghia parked up against the bluebells back home in Gloucestershire, but I doubt I will be back in time for the season.

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