27 Apr 2010

The Frame: Project - Looking through the viewfinder, pt3

Exercise: A sequence of composition
30 photographs

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I took advantage of an outdoor market to complete this exercise, though I cannot say it was easy to begin with. I was required to take a sequence of photographs and show how I came to frame an interesting scene. However, as a matter of politeness, I was unable to take a few of the photos I wanted to but this got a lot easier toward the end of the sequence when I wondered into the part of the market with live animals (it was very difficult to offend a parrot…). Also, there was a photo of opportunity as a group of camel riders made their way through the street!

Another reason I found this exercise difficult was keeping the camera to my eye – a practise I have never used. I realise the intent was to demonstrate how I came to frame a photograph but I am more comfortable with ‘just looking’. However, as I relaxed into it, I believe I met the intent toward the end of the sequence by better framing interesting scenes. It also quite successfully demonstrated that as events happen in real time, as with the camels, they can focus your attention in addition to just something you find interesting.

Click here to link to the album for this exercise; notes on each frame are shown under each photograph.

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