4 May 2010

The Frame: Project - Focal lengths, pt1

Exercise: Focal lengths
10 photographs

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This exercise calls for me to take a series of photographs at different focal-lengths from a static position. I managed to find an open scene with a few details, as the exercise specified; I chose this scene of the sea with a small jetty and the city-line in the background. I use a combination of my 18-55mm lens and my new 55-200mm to get x10 photographs over the greatest range of focal lengths as I could.

As I was in a static position, the perspective of the scene did not change with the different focal lengths; I will demonstrate this using the photos taken at my widest-angle (18mm) and my longest telephoto (200mm). If I zoom in on a few of the buildings in the background on the wide-angle shot (above) you can see that it is identical to the photograph of the same section taken at 200mm; the ratios are the same.
The next exercise shows how the perspective of a scene can be manipulated using different focal-lengths.

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