29 Sep 2010

Colour: Project - Building a library of colours

Exercise: Primary and secondary colours
18 photographs

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I decided to tackle this exercise by first considering objects that are dominant in each of the particular colours and set about tracking them down. When I started doing this, I realised that you could break things down in categories and that you could find pretty much any colour you wanted in each. For example;

Plants and flowers;
Red roses, orange tulips, yellow daffodils, green leaves, blue iris, violet phlox (not to mention autumn leaves).

Fruit and veg;
Red tomato, orange carrots, yellow bananas, green apples, blueberries, violet eggplant.

Painted objects;
Red phonebox, orange motorcycle, yellow house, green tractor, blue car, violet wall.

I don’t need to go on (besides, it’s starting to sound like a primary school lesson). With this in mind, I started hunting out colours, seeing if I could get several different hues of each to show colour diversity and (hopefully) capture a ‘pure’ colour.

Click here to view the photo album and read my notes.

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