29 Sep 2010

Colour: Project - Colour relationships

Exercise: Colour relationships
7 photographs

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When I can began thinking about this assignment, my tutor’s feedback from Assignment 2 just kept on ringing in my head – specifically the warnings against record shots. I deliberately set about finding colour relationships that we’re manmade, or, more specifically, colours that have been put together deliberately by someone that I’m merely making a record of (that being said, x2 of the photographs could probably be regarded as record shots, but I like them anyway!). The first x3 photographs were taken using J.W. Von Goethe's suggested colour ratios:

1:1 Red: green
1:2 Orange: blue
1:3 Yellow: violet

Finding an example of yellow and violet together proved the most difficult to track down and in the end I settled for a flower arrangement. My favourite of the set is the orange-blue photograph below taken at Gloucester docks; I had to use a long focal length to get Von Goethe's proportions right!

Click here to view the photo album and read my notes.

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