3 Sep 2010

Colour: Project - What makes a colour

Exercise: Control the strength of colour
6 photographs

Click here to view flickr set

For this exercise I found a bright orange Kawasaki that was propped up against a fantastic blue sky so I set up the Nikon on my tripod to get a shot that had x2 very strong colours. Below you can see the two extremes of the different apertures from a set of x6 photographs; one over exposed, one underexposed.

You can see that the hue is unaffected across the series as is the saturation; however as less and less light reaches the sensors with the decreasing aperture size the brightness becomes effected. You can see this most clearly with the darkened sky and motorcycle. There is also greater contrast between the colours as the shadows are highlighted in the darker shots.

Click here to view the photos and read my notes.

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